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Mitsubishi Chemical Engineering


Mitsubishi Chemical Engineering Corporation (MEC), is increasing the annual production capacity of SoarnoL™ ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer (EVOH) resin by 3,000 tons to 41,000 tons at its operating plant in LaPorte, Texas. The rising global demand of EVOH, a high gas-barrier resin mainly composed of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen, is used to produce packaging materials to prolong the quality and flavor of food. EVOH resin also acts as a barrier plastic and supports the reduction of food waste.

Mitternight Industrial Services (MIS) & Mitternight EPC, in combination with a local construction company, is supporting this fast-tracked project with Construction Management, Project Controls, Engineering, and Procurement support, augmenting MCE staff members. Due to the brownfield nature of the project, work is being implemented during two plant shutdowns, supported by intensive turnaround management efforts. 



  • Engineering, Procurement, Project Controls, Construction Management




41,000 Tons of SoarnoL™ ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer (EVOH) resin/Annually



La Porte, TX

Completion Year

Mitsubishi Chemical Engineering Corporation (MEC)

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